Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Phase 2 starting

Good morning friends how is your week going ? Mine is busy my little man has been sick this week but he's back to school and feeling better . The fall always gets to him ! 
Well I've started on phase 2 of the back yard . This week I'm re staining the deck and by the end of the week ill be starting planting trees and evergreens . Also in phase 2 will be a basketball court for my oldest which I will also incorporate trees and bushes around it . My hopes is to have a sitting area with a fireplace . I will show you phase 1 pics today from this spring . 

I added a bunch of knockout rose bush beds and boy there big and and full of blooms right now . 

Added some evergreen trees in spots in the beds to fill in spaces . 

Added a arbor at the start of the stone walkway . I will be adding another arbor this fall at the end leading to the sitting area . 

This is the end where it sits now . The basketball court will be where the goal is now I will plant a bed of trees and evergreens where the grass is dead beside the future court . The new arbor will go at the end of the side walk leading to a fireplace sitting area where I will plant trees and bushes to hide the fence . The last piece of the project will be a wood fence replacing the chain link fence but that will be next year on the fence . 

Have a wonderful day I will let you know as I get the projects done 


  1. Looks great! hope little man feels better soon. We started Singulair for C's asthma about a month ago and boy has it ever made a difference!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your son, Andy.. change of seasons is hard on people....

    Your back yard looks great, can't wait to see the improvements!

  3. Looks really great! I love the idea of an outdoor fireplace sitting area!

  4. your yard looks so lush! hope your son is feeling much better.

  5. Your oldest must be excited about the basketball court. :)

  6. your garden is so neat and dee x