Friday, December 13, 2013

I'm Back

Hi friends are you guys still there it's been awhile ! So you ask where have I been ? Last time I blogged was in September and at the time I was going through some personal issue that I really didn't know what to think or how to approach it . The help from a friend I feel better mentally better than ever . She doesn't realize how she has helped me and how grateful I am of our friendship ! 
Ok so what I've been doing . Well the boys have been keeping me slammed but in a good way this time of year we are so full of basketball games and practices that's 5 out of 7 days so busy busy with that 
Don't you love this one want to be like big brother ! This is Wills first year playing so it's been fun watching him ! Dylan my oldest is so fun to watch he is in 6 th grade and plays up on 8th grade teams ! 

Are you guys ready for christmas ? Presents wrapped and bought and diving my 5 year old crazy ! I leave you with some christmas pictures around the little White House 

Hope you all are doing good 


  1. Welcome back Andy! Looks like your ready for Christmas, and I am guessing the boys are very excited!

  2. Hi Andy- I have thought about you several times and wondered how you were doing. I am glad you are doing better and it seems your spirits are uplifted. It is fun watching those kids play, isn't it? We have a 6th grader playing on 8th grade volleyball here. Amazing!
    Christmas is looking beautiful at your house. I am rather behind here because we had a very sick little grandson-he is rapidly improving though and will be fine-but I am behind! xo Diana

  3. Good to see you back. Sorry things were rough for as bit. Your tree looks wonderful!